We Are Thankful

We have so many “Guardian Angels” here at the health center who give of their time and talents to help make the residents’ day brighter. We appreciate all our volunteers, and we’d like to highlight just a few.

 Donna Amandus, owner/operator of Yuppy Pet Parlor, grooms our resident dog, Buster, at no charge. She says she wanted to do this because it means a lot to her to be able to help out in this way. Buster is always well groomed and handsome, thanks to Donna.

 Arne and Darlene Beccera are frequent visitors to FMHC. They help with Bingo, frequently bringing in stuffed animals to give as prizes. They are so very good to visit with the residents’ one on one, sharing a friendly smile or a pat on the back.

     We frequently are visited by talented people who will play a musical instrument and sing a song. The residents and staff alike enjoy the music, and we have had guitar players, an accordion performer, as well as small bands to perform. They keep our toes a-tappin’!!

 Our Rosary and Bingo dedicated volunteers are on the job weekly; where would we be without these wonderful, generous individuals. Sally Stowe is always on hand to help wherever and whenever needed-thank you, Sally!!

 We thank all these generous givers, as well as many more too numerous to mention. We are truly blessed.




We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.






Special Training For Staff

The State of Iowa requires that employees of long term care facilities have continued education training or classes to ensure that they have the proper education needed to care for your loved ones.  Dependant Adult Abuse and CCDI Training are two of the courses that are required. These classes are offered to our staff here at the facility free of charge.

 The Dependant Adult Abuse course is designed to teach staff of the different types of abuse that our elderly can be subjected to and to be more aware of how their actions may be viewed. The DAA class, once completed, certifies each participant as a mandatory reporter.

 The Chronic Confusion or Cementing Illness (CCDI) training is a two day workshop that is required for all staff particularly those who work on our Alzheimer's Special Unit. The class is taught in sections with Administrator Bob Becker, Director of Nursing Shirley McMurray, Social Services Director Kathy Casey, Activities Director Tenile Aldridge and Resident Service Director Shelly Rhodes covering various topics including an overview of the disease process, nutrition, skin care, grief, family dynamics, difficult behavior, safety, communication and activities.

 The medical field is ever changing and here at the Ft. Madison Health Center we do everything we can do to keep up to date and well prepared.




September Birthdays

Edith Boyd 9/3
George Thompson 9/4
Gene Bagley 9/5bday
Paul Bowen 9/7
Leta Stinnett 9/7
Petra Guzman 9/30
Agnes Manka 9/30

October Birthdays

Dorothy Phillips 10/3
Dorothy Bellamy 10/11
Teresa Murphy 10/16
Roberta Wharton 10/17
Rose Faeth 10/18
Robert Wuebkes 10/22
Peggy Turner 10/24
 Robert Bendell 10/28


November Birthdays

Rita O’Brien-Strang 11/11
Linus Holtkamp 11/15
Mary Lou Christy 11/19
Jewell Riban 11/22
Henry Hoskins 11/23
Guy Enke 11/30


December Birthdays

William Rothlauf 12/4
John Duran 12/6
Lester Baldwin 12/12
Truman Matthews 12/13
Mary Fedler 12/15
Nellie Ketterer 12/15
Allen Larson 12/16|
Eleanor Timmerman 12/16
Richard Baldwin 12/17
Vivian Matthews 12/31















Planning For The Holidays

Here it is September already. It’s about Rodeo time again. We’re busy gathering our cowboy hats, boots and ropes for the rodeo parade.

 October will be Halloween time. We’ll be here with our candy and goodies to pass out on beggar's night. Make sure you bring in your children or grandchildren. Staff and residents enjoy seeing all the kids in costume.

 November is Thanksgiving. A time of togetherness with family and being thankful for what you have. Time for turkey and dressing and all the trimmings.

 Then as the year winds down there is December and Christmas. We will have out annual Christmas Potluck Supper for residents and their families during the month. So keep your calendars open and be ready to have a good time. Don’t forget that Santa and Mrs. Claus will be joining us that night.



John Clatt Benefit

Fort Madison Health Center participated in the John Clatt Benefit on July 16, 2007 at the Moose Lodge. Several Fort Madison Health Center Staff attended. Two baskets of auto supplies were donated for auction; a carousel horse lamp was donated by Ron Starr in memory of Izola Starr, who passed away September 26, 2006. Staff members paid $1 to wear jeans for a day at work, for a total of $100. Unfortunately, John passed away on June 16. Our thoughts are still with the family. Congratulations to John Schier, winner of the carousel horse lamp.

 Kathy Casey
Social Services



Just A Working Farm Girl

She still crochets, always says good morning to those she meets in the hallways, likes to wear the color red, is only 96 years old and rumor has it that she is the original “Pie Lady” of Ft. Madison. If you haven’t guessed already it is our very own Leafo Baker. 

 Leafo was born in the Hillcrest area where she lived until she was 12. She recalls a cave that her Grandfather and Great Grandfather built. It was dug out by hand about 60 feet into a hillside and then bricked. This cave was where all the produce from the garden was stored through the winter. “There would be as many as 75 bushels of potatoes in that cave. And milk, you couleafoldn’t get it to sour. You had to bring it out.” Washing was done at the front entrance of the cave. “That was when you boiled your whites.”

 After completing one year of High School, Leafo moved to Ft. Madison when she was 12 years old and starting working. “I made good money. $2.50 a week plus I got room and board.” Leafo also added, “I did restaurant work for 65 years. When I was 68 years old I tried to get Social Security but it wasn’t going to be enough money to live so I just kept working. I didn’t quit work until I was 91 years old.”

 So what about the rumor of being the original “Pie Lady” of Ft. Madison? Leafo just sits back with a smile on her face. “Oh, I can make a pie. I made my first pie when I was 8 years old. It wasn’t fit to eat.” She also says the secret is lard.

 Leafo has 5 daughters that she raised on her own after her husband passed away at an early age.  Believe it when she tells you that her first plane ride was when she was 90 years old and she went to New Jersey to see her daughter. (Going out to see her daughter again is one thing she says she wants to do before she leaves this life.)

Leafo has many stories to tell and is always ready, willing and able if you have time to sit for a spell.



Activity Happenings

A picnic, Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Mighty Mississippi and reminiscing about Ft. Madison and how it was back in the day was the focus in July. Several residents rode on the Seibus to Riverview Park and enjoyed a picnic, watching the barges going by and swapping stories. A good time was had by all of those who went and no one was in a hurry to get back home.

Also in July several of the residents participated in The Senior Olympics at Park View Care Center. The Ft. Madison Health Center team placed 2nd overall. Congratulations to all who came to participate. 

 In August a group went to Nauvoo to see a group called Vocal Point, a men’s acapella group from Brigham Young University. Everyone had a wonderful time.



Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

Nearly every one of us know someone who is either suffering from Alzheimer's or is a family member caring for someone with Alzheimer's. The battle to find the cure continues. Here at the Ft. Madison Health Center we want to help in any way possible.

Again this year we are working on forming a team to participate in the Memory Walk which is scheduled for October 6, 2007 at Crapo Park in Burlington. Fundraisers are being planned in the facility starting with Blue Jean Fridays for a $1.

Anyone who is interested in donating money for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk or wishing to walk with the team, contact Phyl Hinds at 319-372-8021.


Have Ceiling Tile Will Travel

ceiling tile

There are many things we do here at the Ft. Madison Health Center to attempt to enrich the lives of our residents. One of the concepts that was addressed was stimulation for one of our male residents, Eddie Floyd, who was confined to bed for a majority of the day. We learned from talking to family members that he was a NASCAR fan and the idea was to take one of the ceiling tiles and decorate it with a racing theme. The reaction we received from Eddie was more than what we expected since he was unable to vocalize with anyone but his expression was one of pleasure and excitement.

 Unfortunately we lost Eddie in the beginning of July. The tile has also moved on. As luck would have it we have another race fan in the building and the tile traveled across the hall and now resides on Mary Lou Christy’s ceiling. Mary Lou was very pleased to receive the tile and reminds everyone here that she is a race fan.




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