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 We recognize the importance of a Holistic approach to health care. Meeting our residents’ spiritual needs is considered to be just as important as meeting physical, health and emotional needs. Helping us meet that spiritual need is our facility Chaplain, Bill Willis.

 Pastor Bill offers 25 years of experience and is available 24/7, not only for the residents but to the families as well. Serving as our Chaplain, he does not consider himself affiliated with any specific church but instead is nondenominational in his approach.

 Born and raised in Michigan, he now resides in Fort Madison with his wife of forty-one years, Alida. Bill stated that he spent five years in the Air Force and was stationed in Japan where he met Alida. They dated and married in Japan. “There is nothing more romantic than dating in a foreign country,” according to Bill; he also stated they traveled on an old motor bike visiting the local sites. They both fell in love with the Asian children there and eventually they adopted two Korean daughters.

 While serving as Chaplain at the Fort Madison Health Center, he also serves as Chaplain at our sister facilities in Montrose and Donnellson, at the Clinical Care Unit at ISP, has worked with Lee County Hospice for the past seven years and on weekends serves as the clergyman at the Argyle Presbyterian Church.

 Bill also would like to remind everyone about the Prayer Hotline. You can contact Bill by phone at 319-372-4920, extension 22, or by email at pastorbill@flashmail.com.






Shirley and Ron McMurray recently celebrated their Silver Anniversary.

Bob and Susan Becker have now shared one year of wedded bliss.

Congratulations to the happy couples!!





 Dementia is not the name of a specific disease, but is a word used to describe the mental condition of a person whose memory is impaired and whose problems with processing information are severe enough to interfere with his or her ability to function normally.

 There are two types, two forms and two categories of Alzheimer’s:

 2 Types: Early and Late Onset

 2 Forms: Left temporal lobe and right temporal lobe

 2 Categories: Sporadic and Hereditary

 The Hippocampus is one of the earliest areas of the brain to be affected by Alzheimer’s. The day the Hippocampus is destroyed by Alzheimer’s, the person will lose the ability to recall the last three years of their life. Why? Because the Hippocampus is essential to memory storage. By Stage 5, the brain is already 50% destroyed by Alzheimer’s. By Stage 6, their ability to remember what has been told to them is down to five minutes. By Stage 7, their abilities are reduced to that of a few week old child.

 Peripheral vision will slowly be lost. That is why it is so important that you approach your loved one from the front. It is the only way they will see you coming. A person with Alzheimer’s may revert back to a native tongue if their primary language was not English.

 Many people with Alzheimer’s develop Visual Agnosia, which is the inability to comprehend what they see.

 About 14% of all Alzheimer’s victims develop something called Akathesia (termed restless pacing). These victims are easily identified because they are constantly moving, staying in one place no longer than a few seconds.

 ✤Info obtained from www.zarcrom.com





Affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association

 held at the Fort Madison Health Center

June 26

July 24







June Clark 6/2; Maurice Baker 6/11; Art Weinhardt 6/16; Eddie Floyd 6/28; Betty Kemp 6/15


Christine Carver 7/13; Michael Eberle 7/19; Leafo Baker 7/22; Flora Kleiss 7/28; George Roach 7/31


Rosemary VanStrander 8/5; Calletana Juarez 8/7; Louie Hayes 8/11; Violet Abel 8/16; Harriet Anderson 8/17






 We start out with our June activities with Living Legends and Ballroom Dance Company in Nauvoo. We will take a group to see these performers. Our Father’s Day fish fry is coming up for the men, so come enjoy dinner with your father.

 In July we have Independence Day. We will have our own little party here at the facility. We are going to see about some picnics down by the river and also take a group fishing and to the casino to try their hand at gambling.

 In August, Nauvoo has Vocal Point to perform. If any residents want to go, let Activities know!





 If you haven’t visited our web site or are not even aware that we have one, come see some of the changes we have made. There are still many things that we would like to add in the near future. One thing that has been added is posting our Newsletters there and the ability to add pictures. Come visit us at www.fortmadisonhealthcenter.com. You never know, the next face posted may be yours.





 We don’t need much of a reason to party around here, but when we do it just makes it that much better. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter were no exception.

 St. Patrick’s Day, of course, everyone was dressed in green. But as usual the staff went a little further than that and had a Leprechaun Contest. As Leprechauns have a tendency to do, things got a little out of hand. There was hair dyed red and pots of gold which in turn brought out the Leprechaun hunters with their big nets. Residents got to sit back and watch all the silliness while they enjoyed the green beer and snacks.

 Our annual Easter Egg Hunt brought the Fort Madison community to the facility in search of the Easter Bunny and all the eggs they could gather. An added attraction this year for the kids was a Magic Show courtesy of Steve Parker of Fun Factory. The Easter Bunny showed up as scheduled and soon after her arrival was surrounded by children of all sizes, all wanting to put their requests in for special deliveries at their homes.





 Our Activities assistant, Jeri Huett, is getting married on 7/7/07 (pretty clever). Congratulations Jeri and Michael Massick. Good luck in the future.

 Activities personnel are staying busy coming up with a lot of outside activities for the residents to do. We have been working on some flower beds and gardens. Get ready for some fresh produce to eat and enjoy!

 We are going to try to go to some of the events hosted throughout Fort Madison as well this summer.

 So come drop in for a visit - you never know what is going on here!





 Companies throughout America are becoming more health conscious and are starting programs assisting their employees in making choices that could improve the quality of their lives. The Inhance Corporation initiated the Wellness Program last year with the Fitness Challenge. Other programs were available as well including smoking cessation classes and money management.

 This year the Fitness Challenge has been replaced with a Walking Works Program. This is a ten week program walking plan designed to get employees out and walking. Walking Works is individualized to the person with the ability to set and meet their own goals.

 This year there are 35 employees here at the Health Center officially participating walking their way to a healthier self.





 The Fort Madison Health Center appreciates any interest from the community. So many people drive past our facility never having been inside our doors, or even being aware of our purpose. Back in April the Daily Democrat ran a “Design-An-Ad” contest in the local schools. We received three different ads created by 5th and 6th grade students and were quite impressed by the local talent.

 We want to share with you the three ads we received and extend a very special “Thank You!” to Alexis, Heather and Molly . . .





     Now that the weather is cooperating with us, we just want to remind friends and family that like everybody, our residents get cabin fever too. We strongly encourage our residents to go outside and get a breath of fresh air. And to go a step further, instructions are often given to “never refuse a car ride”!

     We welcome visitors and there are no set visiting hours. We ask that you consider the roommate’s need for privacy and quiet time should that be a factor. Visitors are also encouraged to participate in activities and are welcome to join residents at meal time (a nominal amount is charged for visitor meals).

 On that note, one thing that can’t be stressed strongly enough is our policy for leaving the facility. A “Release of Responsibility” sheet needs to be signed. The nurse should also be notified. So many of our residents have important medications that need to be given. We have also had a case or two of residents missing important doctor’s appointments when they were out of the building without the nurse’s knowledge.

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