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Fort Madison Health Center
1702 41st Street
Fort Madison, IA 52627

Phone: 319-372-8021
Fax: 319-372-8163

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To contact us via the web by phone if you are hearing impaired
or have a speech disability.
Please click on the “Free Text Relay” button below to place
 a text call to us.


Free calls for people with hearing loss or
speech disabilities.

Purple Communications' (formerly GoAmerica) online relay service is an easy way for people who have hearing loss or speech disabilities to make a call, and never miss a word. Regulated by the federal government, the service is free for callers and called parties.

What To Expect On Your Call

When you start your call, A window opens with the following message.
Thank you for choosing Text Relay service. As of November 12, 2009, The FCC has mandated that all text relay users be registered with at least one Text Relay provider.
If you are registered with i711, please sign in to start your call. If you aren't registered please register now. If you are registered with a different provider, you can register, sign in and validate your 10-digit number with
i711 to complete your call.

Then you'll connect to an operator. The operator will dial the number you entered, and start the call. You will type what you'd like to say, and the person you're calling will hear the operator speak what you type.

When the person you're calling speaks, you will be able to read what they say because the operator will type it out verbatim.

Note: When you make your call, a call window will pop up. If you have a pop-up blocker turned on, you will need to turn it off to see this call window.